Adriatic Queen, Split

Adriatic Queen

We know how to make Your dreams come true...

Words, as well, as pictures are seldom enough for us to describe our impressions, therefore we would like to introduce you to m/y "Adriatic Queen". The highest standards have been met during the construction of this cruiser, and those standards gather all of our best knowledge, experience, tradition, and efforts in ship building. In our search for the best solutions, we gave special attention to he details, therefore we can safely state that its design opens new horizons for the future of cruising. Sailing on the Queen will make you feel like the Adriatic is your kingdom, because the enthusiasm you will experience will boast your character, and give you a taste of something new and exciting. See it to believe it!

Nine triple bedded cabins luxuriously equipped with bathroom, warm water, air conditioning, telephone and music, and six twin bedded cabins give you an exquisite feeling of comfort and beauty. Grand salon-restaurant in-doors or out-doors on the rudder side of the ship, will offer you the best of gourmet food to remember.

Sunbathing and resting on the deck, with your choice of music tunes, and refreshments from the Lido bar will open your horizons towards the beauties of the Adriatic coast. Swimming, surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, and diving in the beautiful bays of the Adriatic islands, will stay forever in your memory.

Once upon a timeā€¦.in those times, fairies made your wishes come true, they took you to "the island of love", or "the island of life". Today we make your wishes come true, because the "Adriatic Queen" will take you to the hundreds of beautiful islands of the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

Travel agencies, embrace on the challenge!!! Organize this cruise with us, as this could be just the beginning of the beautiful friendship.

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